My dream would be to design from the first pencil line up, a home made just for me. What a place that would be with Bob at the helm!

-David G. Bress, Jr. Toronto, Ontario, CA

It is difficult to minimize my praise for Bob Wilkoff and Archaeon. Initially, I consulted Bob after my project was stalled because my prior architect had made numerous mistakes. Bob not only identified and remedied these mistakes, he truly cared about my project and my goals. We scrapped the prior plans. Understanding my problems, Bob developed a unique design: simple, practical, eye appealing and, equally important, within a limited budget. Bob held my hand from the time I sought building permits until we opened for business. His care for detail and ability to find creative solutions to very difficult problems was fantastic. I had never previously experienced the type of constant attention to my project that he provided. As a result of his services, my project was completed in a timely and economical manner, despite the significant setbacks caused by my prior architect.

-Don Fogel Bethesda Texaco, Bethesda, MD

Bob Wilkoff is a gem of an architect. He designed two projects for me several years apart, yet they flow together seamlessly. Bob listens carefully to his clients, improving on their ideas if needed, so that he can deliver a high-quality, up-to-date product. He is easy to work with due to his patient and gentle nature. Best of all, Bob is talented at what he does: designing usable, interesting, lightfilled spaces.

-Annie and Jeff Barsky Washington, DC

Archaeon provided us with solutions to a complex home addition/renovation project despite being located hours from our home. We were very pleased with the designs that have helped us turn our home into a family homeplace that will have a timeless quality which our current and future family members will enjoy. This project required a difficult connection between two disparate parts of our home and Bob’s team came to offer a creative and unifying design. Not only was it aesthetically pleasing, but allowed for incorporation of all of our specific functional requests for use of the space. We could not have completed such an ambitious project without their guidance.

-Frank & Dugan Maddux Danville, VA

We love our home! Archaeon’s design for our renovation was seamless. It looks like a new home rather than a renovation. The result is a home that is creative, imaginative, beautiful, and very livable. Bob Wilkoff and his staff were extremely easy to work with and very responsive. I think we’re one of the few people we know who still loved their architect once the project was done! We can’t say enough about the quality of Archaeon’s work, their professionalism, and their commitment to making our dream house become a reality.

-Ruth and Shaukat Karimi Bethesda, MD

We love our home now as much as we did 20 years ago when we built it.

-Gerald & Dina Leener Chevy Chase, MD

Before we began our renovation, we interviewed three architects. Our choice was so easy. When we talked to Bob, he listened. He spoke with authority and knowledge, but not with ego. The other architects basically told us there was one right way to approach our project. Bob said there were options and explained the pros and cons of each. We knew right away that the process would never be adversarial with him. We also knew that while he would listen to what we wanted, he would not hesitate to tell us if we were wrong in our thinking. Bottom line—we had total confidence in him.

There were several instances where my husband and I had conflicting goals in designing a space. In the kitchen, I had grown up eating at a kitchen table steps from the sink and dishwasher, and wanted that same convenience in our new kitchen. My husband had grown up eating dinners in the dining room, and wanted that feeling of separation of eating space and work space. Without going into details, Bob’s design made us both happy. To this day, my husband would say we have a separate “eating space”. In my mind, we eat in the kitchen and the table could not be more convenient to the cabinets, sink and dishwasher. He listened to us both and his design reflected both of our wishes.

Years later, Bob is always available to help solve a problem because he knows our house better than anyone. He is the first person I call if we’re stumped about a leak or need advice on anything home-repair related. In a word, he is a class act, a wonderful architect, and a really nice guy.

-Debby & Don Tracy Bethesda, MD.

When I approached Bob Wilkoff for the design for the renovations of my home in Washington and then our condo in Toronto, I did so because I knew he we would not dictate theory to me and tell me I couldn’t or shouldn’t have what I wanted. Instead, he listened and then went to work making my ideas come to life all the while keeping art and architecture in line with theories of design–a curve here to tie in a detail there—some whimsy here to balance a formality there. I loved my home in Washington and I love what he did for our condo in Toronto. His work turned both of the homes into my home. My dream would be to design from the first pencil line up, a home made just for me. What a place that would be with Bob at the helm!

-David G. Bress, Jr. Washington, DC & Toronto, Ontario, CA.

Bob and his team at Archaeon are simply superb. They listened carefully to our needs, and deployed their excellent design skills to produce a beautiful, utterly original ‘green’ home design. Bob’s contemporary aesthetic is second to none among architects in the Washington DC area. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to work with Archaeon. Their computer-generated interior perspectives gave us a powerful tool for visualizing our custom home before it was built. Even more important, though, is their ability to communicate and work with clients to create homes that are both practical and beautiful. We still get chills sometimes, living in this gloriously designed and thoughtfully built house. Their touches very often make me smile in gratitude.

-Beth & Luke Chung, McLean, VA.