How We Get To Know You

Architectural Design Services:
How We Get To Know You

We Ask Questions

  • How long do you plan to live/work in this space?
  • What features would you find most useful? Least useful?
  • Do you have children and how do their activities integrate with yours?
  • When you go on vacation, what type of hotel do you prefer? Give examples.
  • What is your favorite restaurant? How is it decorated? What is the style of the building or room?
  • What area or aspect of your space is your least favorite? Why?
  • Do you entertain often? How many people in the average group? Is your entertaining usually formal or informal? Does your entertainment often extend outdoors?
  • Do you prefer a quiet, cozy atmosphere or an open, modern one?
  • What is your favorite material? Which materials make you feel good and which ones make you uncomfortable?
  • Is there one color that predominates your home or wardrobe?
  • How does natural lighting affect your comfort in various spaces in your house?

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