What We Believe at Archaeon Architecture Firm

What We Believe

  • You can get great spaces for a reasonable price.
  • By working with the right architecture firm, you can get a better picture of the real costs before construction begins, and with the right upfront planning, you greatly reduce the possibility of having to deal with hidden fees or significant unexpected costs.
  • All projects are interesting and unique when they start with the needs of the occupants.
  • You need the ability to evaluate your options to integrate “green” technologies, and fully understanding the trade-offs between the cost of implementation and the true impact of the technology on the environment plus future energy costs savings.

In everything we do, you’ll find an emphasis on the qualities that create a more productive and appealing environment. First, we listen. We want to hear what you want and need in your future space, and what you view as limitations in your current space. We then incorporate those crucial details into the design process. It is in our nature to demonstrate high integrity and ethical behavior throughout the project. We take pride in our ability to deliver solutions that control costs, maximize value and use “green” solutions as appropriate.

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